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Sell your boat


There are two very clear choices when selling your boat and it depends on the service you want and your confidence in your own ability.


For an agreed percentage the broker will take care of, photographing, price comparison, advice on pricing, marketing, filtering prospective buyers, arranging viewing, completion of sale and handling the monies, they may also assist in arranging surveys, lift out and in.

They provide a professional service which if time and selling is not your strength this may be your option.

Check your broker is a member of the ABYA, ask questions with respect to, have they sold many boats of similar to yours recently, market performance, average time scales on past sales from registration to completion.

Ask for references from previous owners who have sold through them.

Don’t forget, some brokers may assist with the preparation ie arranging cleaning etc of your boat for sale, more than likely this will be still your responsibility. We strongly recommend that if you’re in any doubt or have restrictions on your time that you employ the services of a professional broker.


Sell yourself through websites

Some people will have the confidence in their own ability to present and sell the boat themselves, if this is the case a classified website could be the chosen method. For a small one off fee you will buy a fixed period of exposure for your boat on the site of your choice, and there are plenty to choose from. The sites will offer various packages from one photograph to unlimited numbers, some with video links, it is your decision as what your consider the most applicable to present your boat at it’s best.

With this option you will be responsible for the preparation, price comparison, photographs, descriptions, listing the inventory and arranging lifts for surveys, meeting and greeting prospective buyers, completing sea trials , financial transactions and documentation.



preparing to sell your is probably the most intensive step you will take. Remember this may make the difference between a buyer purchasing your boat or the one next on their list


When preparing your boat for sale and viewings, remove everything from the boat that’s not included in the inventory,

 Remove all personal possessions.

It’s easier to bring back sailing cloths, hand held GPS etc, than have a lengthy discussion with a prospective buyer as to  what is or isn’t included in the sale.



If you don’t have the time to prepare your boat, it may be worth considering the services of a professional, who for a couple of hundred pounds could add a couple of thousand pounds to the asking price

Check your sails, launder if necessary Furl your sails or fold them tightly and bag, store in sail locker in labelled sail bags, (check any sails included in the sale but not stored on-board) tidy all lines and warps, coil sheets and halyards.

Check fenders and securing lines

Clean anchors and chains, check for corrosion.

Wash, clean and polish outside and in, especially the heads.

Clean the cooker, if one is fitted, don’t forget the area behind and underneath.

Ensure all lockers are emptied, cleaned and equipment place back in a tidy secure fashion.

Service your engine and replace all the filters, clean up any oil/fuel spills, place oil absorbent pads under any leaks.

Clean and dry bilges

Prepare an inventory of all items included in the sale.


Prepare all the documents you need and keep them on the boat for inspection, these could include SSR registration docs, operation manuals for any equipment included in the sale, test certificate for the life raft, the last survey, insurance documents and the bill of sale from the previous owner (MSF4705)  communication from your finance company to show the completion of the agreement. Any service history of he mechanical items, eg engine, generators.

Mooring agreements if applicable.


Arrange a viewing.

Once a potential buyer contacts you to arrange a viewing, arrange a time to suit both parties allowing a suitable period of time for the purchaser to thoroughly inspect all the items included in the sale, this may take several hours. Also offer the opportunity for the purchaser to arrange at their cost the survey of the vessel.

Sea trials can be offered, but we recommend this only after the receipt of a suitable deposit (10% of the purchase price)



Accepting deposits and payments in full for your boat, when an offer is made always be weary of accepting large amounts of cash. Never hand over ships papers or bill of sale until the funds have cleared and are in your bank. You can offer a receipt for the payment stating any outstanding balance and time scales for completion and that the documents will transfer on clearance of all outstanding funds. 


It is essential that you check and verify the seller has the right to sell the boat (or part share). Ask to see registration documentation such as the small ships registry documents, check the details against the ships papers and MSF4705 if available.

Inspect the boat externally for obvious signs of damage repair, the general condition of the hull, gel coat and antifouling if on a hard stand. Ensure all blocks, lines and rigging (standing and running) inspect warps fenders and all deck fittings. Always ask to hear the engine run, if you’re not mechanically minded take an engineer with you, Once the engine is shut down check for leaks of both coolant and lubricants. Inspect drive belts and shaft couplings and seals.

Internally, check for damage to appliance’s, light the galley stove and any heating systems, don’t forget the fridge if fitted. Look for any signs of water ingress through hatches or cabin windows ensure all electrical equipment works as described and intended. Lift the sole plate and inspect the bilges for water or oil spillages and leaks.

Finally check the items against the inventory to verify that all that was advertised is present for inspection.

If you’re happy with the boat and wish to continue with your purchase, always enlist the services of a professional boat surveyor, make a list of any concerns you have and pass them over so they may take account of your concerns.


Compare Packages

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Advertise With Us

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Brokers you can now upload and maintain your adverts using our xml feed  contact us for more details.

To advertise your boat register with us.

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