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Frobisher Lister ST3 Engine For Sale at CreepyCrabs | Buy Narrow Boat For Sale

Narrowboat - 55 Foot 1974 Frobisher - For Sale

  Narrow Boat

Advert Ref3687
StatusFor Sale
Model Lister ST3 Engine
Price4750 Pounds Sterling
Year Built1974
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55 metres
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General Description1974 Frobisher, Lister ST3 engine
Legend has -
Full survey from 18 months ago by a very well respected surveyor who stated that hull is in very good condition, very little metal lost - all very good for the age apart from stern tube which was replaced while she was out the water for the survey. She has had some overplating to the sides at some point and all is in good order.
75% refloored in pine T&G flooring - remaining areas to be done are fully accessible and some wood provided.
Full size double mattress over single mattress (bunk arrangement in bow). Mattresses included.
Central cabin seating with storage underneath. Needs foam cushioning.
Very old kitchen sink, cupboard and worktop, four ring hob/oven and eye level grill.
Very old Morco water heater. This and all the copper piping froze in December, but can be refurbed for approx , I have replumbed the boat in new plastic piping - water is off at the moment as the boiler is not in the circuit!
Shower cubical to rear - constructed, but needs silicon sealant and shower bilge pump -
Pump out (drop through) toilet to the rear. Just needs vent pipework attaching (supplied).
Two Jabsco water pumps, one 18 months old and one spare (6 months old).
Heron solid fuel/wood stove in cabin.
Land line hook up point, with RCCB distribution box and one double socket. Needs earth cable bolting to engine bed.
1000 Watt invertor.
3 110Ah leisure batteries and one starter. Leisure batteries replaced last summer.
Sterling battery alternator booster to ensure maximum charging to leisure battery bank when underway.
Lister ST3 air cooled engine in good order.
Small two stroke generator (850 Watt) included.
Mostly full tank of diesel, 100 litres or more.
Two propane tanks in gas locker, one full, one nearly full.
BW keys, lock operating equipment, ropes, mooring pins, 2 childrens life jackets all included.
The roof is GRP, and I have spent a lot of time making sure it is utterly watertight.
She is a lovely light boat with fantastic amounts of windows and a very unusual feature in that the middle section of the roof would have originally slid open and could probably be pursuaded to again if the Heron stove was relocated and guide rails fitted.
The interior is a self fit out as the original had deteriorated to beyond redemption. I have built the bunks, seating and shower cubical myself - these are consturcted from very stout timber and bolted together with coach bolts, so if you dont like any of it, it is easy to remove or modify to your own taste. She is largely open plan.
Additional InformationShe does need a lot of work to make her beautiful again and I have no longer got the time, but if I was going to keep her, this is the list of jobs I would work through -

(1) The bits and pieces listed above
(2) Blacking and anodes, Both due to be done.
(3) Engine has always started and run beautifully, but has been missing a section of air cooling ducting since I got her and gets smokey when pushed hard. I would get this ducting replaced and have her properly serviced. She is 50 hours from her next oil change.The surveyor thought well of the engine and it has only done 100 odd hours since survey.
(4) Finish descaling and paint the bilge area. Paint supplied.
(5) Descale and paint the bow area. Clean and paint her sides - not a long job with all the windows.
(6) Get the boiler refurbed and refit it or maybe replace it with a modern unit.
(7) Replace the plywood stern boards over the engine. I replaced some of them a year ago but the plywood was lower grade than anticipated.
(8) Finish the flooring and sand and revarnish it all. Foam cushions for the sofa.
(9) The domestic electrics comprise of good quality components but is minimal. 10mm cable runs from the front to the back which is more than ample for normal domestic use. Lighting is currently half a dozen fairly old 12v flourescent fittings which arent currently operative as I disconnected them to run new cable to meet current boat safety standards. I would have replaced these with LED downlighters. There is also the invertor in the bows which will power a standard domestic fridge/hoover/power tools/hair dryer/whatever else, etc up to 1000 Watts.
(10) Finally, I would refit the kitchen with a new cooker and work surface.
Please understand that this boat needs a lot of effort to get her finished - she is sailable, I have sailed her for three full days over the last two months, and you *could* just move on board, but the water system needs sorting and the electrics need finishing unless you plan on using a torch! Everything is well within the abilities of a competant DIY person and most of the things you would need are included. She also needs a good clean which is a consequence of heating in winter using a wood stove. I am going to try and get some time away from work over the next couple of weeks to get her back to the point where she is clean, has working domestic lights and water.

Original metalwork - base plate 6mm, Hull sides 5mm, Uxter plate 6mm.
Hull sides - Some overplating in places with negligable loss of steel, 0.1mm approx in isolated areas. Original sections showed up to 0.6mm loss (negligable).
Vertical counter plates- showed mild to moderate steel loss and required some welding and a new rudder sock tube. (This was replaced and rectified while she was out of the water.)
Uxter plate - slight to moderate loss of steel.
Base plate - slight loss of steel. Pitting up to a 1.4 mm. A 2 metre stretch has been overplated. A small section was found not to be fully welded and this was rectified while she was out of the water
Nothing under the waterline was considered to affect the integrity of the hull apart from items which were immediately rectified while she was out of the water. It was commented at the time that she had lost remarkably little metal for her age.

Weed hatch - Outer lowersection of weed hatch trunking noted to be heavily corroded but hammer sounding didnt reveal excessive thinning - cleaning back to metal and repainting
was prescribed. This hasnt been done yet but is a smallish job when she next comes out for blacking.

Stern gear
Semi flexible coupling between gearbox and prop shaft. No wear could be detected. 18 inch propellor, all satisfactory.
Hull ConstructionAluminium
LocationUnited Kingdom
CountryUnited Kingdom
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